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Each year, Climbing and other magazines have a "Epics" issue. Since I had read and heard of similar incidents in our own backyard, I thought it would be cool to get some stories from people right here in Idaho. So far I have spoken with a few people and got them to submit theirs. I'm also awaiting a few promised submissions from others that have had epics as well. If you'd like to contribute, look for the submission link below the stories and I'll post yours.

The Stories:

New 12er Record
  Dave and Rob's writeup on shattering the 12ers record.
Avalanche on Borah
  Michael Howard describes the day he lost his brother and brother-in-law in an avalanche on Mount Borah, and the 9 months of turmoil and searching that followed.
Lost River Suffering
  Erik Leidecker describes the suffering that took place during a traverse of the Lost River Range.
Tohobit Peak
  Sean Duffy describes his hair-raising experiences on Tohobit Peak in the Sawtooth Mountains.
Nic's 12er Record
  Nic Stover walks us through his trials and tribulations while setting the current record for climbing the 9 highest peaks in Idaho.
Matt's 12er Record
  16-year old Matt Darrington gives us details about his Idaho 12er record (now second fastest).

Email me your epic and get it added to the list!

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