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Miscellaneous Idaho Photos

Smoky Dome from an airplane (November 2002).
Gooding, Idaho from an airplane (November 2002). My home town!
Little Redfish Lake.
Redfish Lake sunset.
Perrine Bridge near Twin Falls, Idaho.
Snake River near Twin Falls, Idaho.
Photo near Breckenridge, Colorado in Nov. 2002.
Trip to a yurt near Idaho City (December 2002).
Mount Heyburn from Redfish Lake.
Skull Rock, same area as Castle Rock.
Squaw Butte near Emmett from the south.
First Peak near Fairfield
Three Point Mountain near Boise
Danskin Mountain, an excellent spring hike near Boise.
Lava Mountain near Prarie... my first climb in the snow.
Avalanche seen in a gully on the trail to Grays Peak near Sun Valley, Idaho.

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