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Three Point Mountain - 5324'

Location: 43.506°N 115.933°W

Distance: 2 miles
Elevation gain: 800' (cumulative)
Class (difficulty): 2

Three Point is an easy mountain for beginners. It is close to Boise, a short (albeit steep) hike, and easy terrain. Drive to Black Creek Pass and park on the right-hand side of the road. Across the road (to the west) you will see a jeep trail heading up to a saddle just north of Three Point Mountain (the 3 points are visible from here). Hike up the jeep trail to the saddle and then turn south, crossing over the 3 points en route to the southernmost peak, which has a wooden cairn and benchmark.

The views from the top are good, with the exception of some mining and road scars in the Danskin Range. You have a great view of the Treasure Valley and Snake River plain. To the northwest is a great shot of the Trinity Mountains and even portions of the South Fork Canyon.

To extend your short day, I recommend continuing down Blacks Creek road and checking out the Boise River canyon. The views are dramatic!

Getting there:
Take the BLACKS CR. RD. EXIT 64. Turn north (left if coming in from Boise) onto E BLACKS CREEK RD. Follow E BLACKS CREEK RD for approximately 6.4 miles, where you will turn left (north) and continue on a improved dirt road to Blacks Creek Pass at 11 miles.

Hiking instructions:
From Blacks Creek Pass hike west to the saddle just north of Three Point Mountain. Turn south and follow the ridge over to the southernmost point.


This is the bowl on the north side of the northern point.
After another run or two.
This is the bowl on the north side of the northern point.
The slope I was skiing w/ Danskin Peak in the background.
The southern two points.
The southern point. You can vaguely see my ski trail.
Looking up at the middle point.
The peak from the approach road.
The middle and northern points.
My wife's sister (through Big Brothers and Sisters) on top.
Boise from the top.
The Trinity Mountains from the top.
My skis on the summit. Mt 1st and only backcountry ski trip.
The southern points during my ski trip.
The Boise Mountains on my ski trip.
Three Point from the west (January 2006).

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